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Cops shot and killed dog - Cause He Was Trying To protect his Owner!

The horrific shooting of an innocent dog by a cop in Hawthorne, California, is shown in a video that was shared on YouTube. Max, the 3-Year-old dog, was shot to be dead after escaping through the window.

The video shows Max, Rottweiler, was walked by his 52-Year- Old owner, Rosby, on Sunday around 19:00 near a home with many police squad cars parked outside. The video shows that Rosby talking to 2 cops and they asked him to turn the music in his car down. Lt Swain said that it is not a party call, the cops need to hear what is happening with the people after being called out of their homes. And the music in the car is annoying them and also distracting them.

A neighbor who saw what happened said that they heard Rosby scream 'It is my f*** radio'. But Rosby said that this did not happen, he added that music was a little loud but he was totally complying with cops. Finally, the 2 cops start running towards Rosby, while Max was in his car and the windows were down. It was clear that Rosby wanting to volunteer himself for cops to be arrested.

So, Max starts barking when he saw the handcuffs were put on Rosby's hands, and he succeeds to jump through the window to be out of the car, while another cop comes and he tries to catch the dog's leash, so the dog jumps up, and he is shot several times by the cop. Rosby sadly said that his nice pup was literally killed by the cop. It is obvious in the video that Rosby is really upset.

Rosby does not understand why the cops continued to arrest him instead of letting him go, after he put Max in the car, which means that he was leaving, there was nothing allowed them to kill Max, he was trying to protect me. He was showing his love to me, said Rosby.

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