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Boxer Who Has His Back Legs Missed, Refuses To Slow Down

They just seem to live their lives freely while learning to depend on themselves and bothering no one. It is easier for dogs born with deformities to get along with life than those that lose a limb. So how do dogs with amputated limbs cope? Duncan's life has more light to shed on this issue.

Duncan Lou is an amazing puppy dog that has grown to be an exceptional boxer. He has displayed the unmatched perseverance that few animals display regardless of their situation. This is what makes him so amazing. Born with a deformed pelvis and two rear legs, this dog was helped to live with ease when surgery became the last option.

Duncan was discovered by Amanda Giese, the founder and president of Panda Paws Rescue, Vancouver. When she saw the way and manner the bright little angel was roughhoused with his other canine buddies and how he played along with them despite his condition â€" he had a severe problem with his limbs, Amanda could not but help to take Duncan and provide him with shelter.

From Colorado, Duncan was brought to Vancouver where it was decided that surgery must be performed in earnest. The vet revealed that the boxer’s condition was too painful and severe which necessitated the surgery. And so, in order to help the poor thing, they jointly agreed to amputate his hind legs.

Hope was restored as there were clear chances of survival when the surgery proved to be successful. Regardless of his current situation, the amazing dog is still getting on just fine as he runs and plays around like every other normal dog with four legs. Although, his present state may seem to be quite challenging to him but he does not see it as an obstacle.

The cute dog's way of life has disproved the need for a wheelchair. Obviously, the dog is strong and determined to survive. Today, he has not only become a source of inspiration to dogs alone but to people with amputated limbs.

We need more people like her in the world, seriously. Faith in humanity? Restored! So what did this pup want to tell you? That disability, is just a state of mind! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends :)

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